Association of Irish bookmakers (IBA) has announced that the majority of organizations are ready to stop working PPP at least until 29 March. Measure can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

 It is significant that the decision was taken without regard to orders of the government in respect of the gambling segment in the period of instability, coupled with the spread of a dangerous virus.

 The Irish Government has published recommendations regarding social distancing – citizens recommended to avoid crowded places.

 Despite the fact that most bookmakers agreed on the termination of operations, the final decision rests with the gaming company.

 The organization also added that customers and employees gambling companies should be informed about the decision of the operator. At the same time customers are sure to have the opportunity to withdraw the funds received in the form of winnings.

 IBA Chairman Shpron Byrne said that it is very important to the betting segment, working in offline mode, approached the issue responsibly and did his best to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Ireland. He also added that the PPP operators and staff continue to adhere to the recommendations made by the Government, and will be closed soon after will be able to notify customers about the work stoppage.

 The organization added that continue to vigilantly monitor the situation over the next few weeks. The decision to extend the voluntary quarantine will be issued in a few days, until 29 March.

 It should be noted that this decision was made by American companies operating in various states. Read more in the material.

 Recall that in the Irish bookmakers in the current year will be distributed tax benefits. More details – here.

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